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Congratulations 2020 High School and 2-Year Graduates! 

You should be incredibly proud of your accomplishments in completing this milestone in your lifetime of learning! Especially during this uncertain time, you proved that you could thrive in remote learning. Whether you just completed a high school diploma or associate’s degree, earning your bachelor’s degree with CSU Global, the leader in online education,  will set you up on the path to long-term career success.

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Higher Education at a Lower Cost

CSU Global strives to make your education as affordable as possible whether you are looking to earn your Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or a Specialization. With transfer options, our Tuition Guarantee, and cost per credit rates, you can achieve your academic goals without breaking the bank.

Easy transfers

Transfers Made Easy

Reach your goals quickly and affordably by applying up to 90 transfer credits for bachelor’s students, and 9 transfer credits for master’s degree students.

no rate increases

No Rate Increases

With our Tuition Guarantee, your tuition rate won’t increase over time! Instead, you’ll enjoy the same low rate for the duration of your enrollment at CSU Global.

no hidden costs

Cost Per Credit

No student fees or hidden costs, along with affordable cost-per-credit tuition make it easy to see exactly where your investment is going.

customize your learning experience

CSU Global understands that your career goals and academic journey are specific to the future you desire.

Customize your learning experience to get what you want with in-course learning options and a specialized career approach. With certifications, specializations, and other stackable credentials, you can showcase your knowledge before earning your full Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Or design your degree from scratch in our Interdisciplinary Professional Studies program.


Classes startAugust 10th

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Online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

New Program: B.S. in Cybersecurity

As a The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity will prepare you to be the expert organizations turn to for help protecting digital assets and network security in a variety of settings and industries.

Online Master's in Data Analytics

Master's in Data Analytics

As a Master of Science in Data Analytics (MSDA) stud.ent at CSU Global, you build confidence for improved decision-making skills related to processes in a variety of core business functions.

Online Bachelor's in Business Management

Bachelor's in Business Management

After completing your Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management online at CSU Global, you will understand how the integration of various business units impact decision making within organizations operating in our global economy.

Online Bachelor's in Project Management

Bachelor's in Project Management

As a student in the Bachelor’s of Project Management program, you will develop theoretical application knowledge, as well as the soft skills associated with leadership in project management.

Online Bachelor's in Finance

New Program: Online Bachelor's in Finance

In this online Bachelor's in Finance program, you’ll learn the foundations of financial management at the enterprise level. You’ll gain insight on a range of perspectives on fiscal decision-making, as well as how to tackle important operational and analytical projects.

Online Master's in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

New Program: Online Master's in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The online Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provides students with the knowledge required to thrive in roles that include programming, software development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tasks.

Online Master's in Healthcare Administration

Master's in Healthcare Administration

As a Master of Healthcare Administration student at CSU Global, you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a wide variety of leadership roles within the healthcare industry.

Online Bachelor's in Accounting

Bachelor's in Accounting

As a B.S. in Accounting online student, you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute successfully to an organization from an accounting perspective.

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Live Locally, Learn Globally®

As one of the fastest growing online universities in the nation, and the first independent, 100% online state university in the U.S., with 10+ years of 100% online experience, CSU Global is uniquely positioned to provide a custom learning experience for each student. Online education isn’t just another thing we’s all we do.

“My academic experience at CSU Global has been great. My academic advisor reaches out to me and is very responsive to my questions. The online format works well with my learning style and is easy to navigate.”


B.S. in Accounting Student

“The pride I have in achieving a Masters Degree from CSU Global provided me with the confidence to attain the career plan I had envisioned.”



“CSU Global enables you to finish and further your education with a very flexible and workable platform. I am married with a full time job and a toddler at home and I have been able to go back to school so that I can further my professional career and truly achieve my educational dreams.”



“Completing a college degree has been one of my life goals for a very long time. CSU Global offered a great education with a respected Colorado-based university and an online format that allowed me to continue working a demanding job that required significant travel.”



“This university does not treat their students as numbers, but as individual people. The entire staff and professors go above and beyond their jobs to make CSU Global students feel like part of a great organization. I know they care about the students and our futures.”


M.S. in Organizational Leadership Student

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#1 2018 Gold School of Distinction
By based on accreditation, nonprofit status, and online program rankings.

Ranked #4 by Best Colleges based on accreditation, academic quality, affordability, and online competency.

#1 Top Military-Friendly Online Colleges
By Guide to Online Schools based on participation in the government Tuition Assistance (TA) program, strong military communities, and support networks for military-affiliated distance students.

#3 Best Online COLLEGES
Ranked #3 by Good Financial Cents based on accreditation and rankings, affordability, degree options, and online support.

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Classes startAugust 10th

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